It has been great to see the Law Society’s campaign in support of using professional family lawyers to assist and guide those people going through or contemplating divorce.

We at Paradigm Family Law wholeheartedly agree. We recognise the pitfalls for the unwary or someone who is perhaps contemplating some form of ‘do-it-yourself’ representation. Not many people would attempt to remove a wisdom tooth or perform an appendectomy in favour of letting a qualified professional do the job for them. The same applies to the legal profession, particularly where it is you and your family’s financial security and future at stake. There is a lot of information available out there. But it is knowing how that information can be used to secure the best result for your future that is the key to a successful outcome. That is precisely why it is the safest course of action to place yourself in the hands of a professional family lawyer.

Family Law Experts

At Paradigm Family Law, James and Frank have 30 years experience between them. Trust in their expertise and professional skills to guide you and provide you with advice and representation where needed in connection with any family issues. As the Law Society acknowledges, use a professional.

Contact a Professional

For enquiries please email [email protected] or [email protected] or call 0845 6020422 to speak to them.

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