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Disruptive Summer – Scary or Inviting?

We all know Richard Branson’s famous quote:

“Screw it, let’s just do it”


If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.” 

As a divorce lawyer, I prefer to look forward rather than back, but sometimes looking back helps to anticipate what might happen in the future. I don’t mean we should do that all the time and worry about everything in our daily life and in our relationship.

Is that all?

But what should you do if you think you have a good partnership with your husband/wife/children, but you ask yourself: “Is that all?”

I was once told by a friend that she went through a near-death experience in her relationship and all problems she thought she had, were reduced to nothing. The separation from her husband she considered beforehand, was not on her radar anymore. She found out what really was important and changed her view about her relationship and changed her whole life.

And it’s true, sometimes in life we need to get disrupted and I think she was exactly right.

Over the years I have noticed as a divorce lawyer, the bigger the disruption or near-death experience the bigger the opportunity for a new, more fulfilled start is.


Radical changes in relationship and moments of disruption in marriages are often scary and very uncomfortable, because we do not know what is out there. But sometimes they also get you out of your comfort zone and let you tackle the future problems by taking the new opportunities. Opportunities which give you the courage to change yourself, before everything else around you changes and you feel disrupted from outside and can’t change anything…and feel out of control.


It is important to have friends around you which help you with your new reality and support you when you try to find the blueprint for your new successful marriage.

Summer Holiday

Start disrupting this summer and be scared. Don’t wait until Halloween! Have a great summer holiday!

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About the Author: Frank Arndt is one of the founding Partners of Paradigm Family Law. After working over 13 years as Head of International Family Law at Stowe Family Law and being dual qualified as a Solicitor and Rechtsanwalt, Frank developed together with James Thornton, a tailored “bespoke fixed fee model” in national and international family financial proceedings. Frank has recently been shortlisted for International Family Lawyer of the Year 2015 – details here.

No other firm in the UK offers this unique service. Frank believes that clients need to take control over their legal costs and the fixed fee model give them the opportunity.

One client said to Frank recently: “It’s true. Let not the divorce costs control you, make sure you are the first to control the divorce costs with Paradigm.”