brexit referendum

Brexit Referendum


At Paradigm Family Law we have a dedicated International Family Law department headed by Managing Partner, Frank Arndt. Since the momentous referendum decision taken by the UK on 23 June, we have seen a number of enquiries coming in from clients concerned about the implications for them and their financial claims on divorce. Theses enquiries have included clients going through the process already, or contemplating a separation or divorce where they live here or abroad.

We have also encountered those who already have a final order from the court, often a consent order, which as a result of the referendum result may no longer provide the same financial security that it did before the decision to leave the EU was made.

Paradigm Family Law has decided to offer a free helpline for those wishing to stress test their financial orders, or position on divorce.

Paradigm Family Law has the expertise and connections to give advice to those who feel that their circumstances may just have changed or will be about to once the trigger is pulled on the commencement of the Article 50 process.

Of the decision to set up the helpline, Frank Arndt commented:

“The impact of the Brexit vote will have long lived effects for many areas of international and domestic law. Whilst the timing and full details have yet to be ironed out, the impacts on the financial markets and house prices are already being felt.

Until the UK completes the transition process, much of what happens will be driven by sentiment. Often emotional reactions to a situation can take over.”

There will be many areas covered by the Brexit process, all of which Paradigm Family Law expects to feature in enquiries to their stress test helpline. They include:

• Pension: Are my Pension valuations in Forms E or Pension Sharing Orders still the same?
• Bonus: Can I share my spouse’s future bonus?
• Appeal: Is Brexit a “Barder” event?
• Clean break / Term maintenance: Is a “meal ticket for life” on the menu again now?
• Future Liabilities: Should contingent assets and liabilities be shared?
• Divorce: Should I delay applying for Decree Absolute until after October 2016 or October 2018?
• Farming Cases: What impact has the decision to leave had on Farming cases?
• Foreign Assets: What value should I put on foreign assets in negotiations now?
• Variation Application: Is now the best time to make my variation application?
• Divorce / EU: Where should I file for divorce post Brexit?
• Enforcement: Where should I issue a maintenance enforcement case?
• Pre-Nups: Is my signed Pre/Post-Nup enforceable post Brexit?
• Setting Aside after Gohil/Sharland and BREXIT
• Child Abduction / Leave to remove : Have my parental rights changed post Brexit?

If you are wondering how the Brexit decision might affect your divorce, and would like to speak to an expert lawyer without charge, please contact the Paradigm Family Law BREXIT STRESS TEST HELPLINE.

We are offering a free initial consultation and will advise on latest currently available information relevant to your case. The BREXIT STRESS TEST HELPLINE can be contacted at [email protected] or on +44 (0) 845 6020422.