Fixed Fees

Our services are provided on the basis of BESPOKE FIXED FEES – the ‘Savile Row’ treatment for clients looking for fees to suit them and tailored to their particular needs and requirements.

Each case has a bespoke fee agreed with you at the outset which is fixed.

Fixed Fee Formula

Here at Paradigm Family Law we like to think that we are pioneers. We have developed a fixed fee model which enables us to provide a tailored fixed fee quote at the outset of the instructions which covers the entire case including the financial proceedings.

This is not just a ‘Fixed Fee Divorce’. It is a fixed fee for the whole case including the financial proceedings whether those are settled by consent order (with or without the assistance of mediation) or go to full final hearing. We fix the fee from Day 1 so you know that when you instruct Paradigm Family Law you do so with absolute confidence that the fees quoted will remain fixed from the beginning to end of your case.

We don’t just give cost estimates. We don’t need to. We give you a fixed fee tailored to your circumstances, and one which means that you know what it is going to cost whether the case settles or goes to a full hearing and you know what that costs from the outset.

How it works

Our fixed fee model works by providing a fixed fee from the outset which we calculate on the basis of the known net assets, i.e. house equity, savings, capital and pension assets. We apply our formula and produce & agree a bespoke fixed fee for each client for the entire case. We set out the stages applicable and timescale for the case, enabling clients to pay by fixed monthly instalments over a predetermined period.


This stage provides for disclosure of the parties’ financial circumstances, correspondence, negotiation including round table meeting(s) and preparing a Consent order.


If an application is made to court there are then the following stages apply:

  • STAGE 1 – Issue of proceedings & updating disclosure
  • STAGE 2 – Up to the first court hearing (the ‘First Appointment’)
  • STAGE 3 – Up to the second court hearing (the ‘FDR’)
  • STAGE 4 – Up to and including the final hearing.


Studies have shown that the vast majority of cases settle at or shortly after the FDR stage of proceedings. With our model, if the case settles at any of the stages you only pay the fixed fee to that point.