Football Widows – Don’t get left on the Touchline

It’s a well-known fact that every 4 years, around this time (OK, so perhaps not always in winter) millions of people are glued to their television screens for hours, sometimes days on end to watch their home team kick a ball around a field against an opposing national side. What is not so well known is that at the same time around the same number of people become the victims of a little studied or discussed phenomenon that we have come to call ‘Football Widow Syndrome’.

Whilst national hostilities are played out in stadiums across Qatar this November, front rooms across Britain will host their own, domestic rivalries.

Special Ones

Football fans are a special breed. They are loyal, dedicated, unquestioning in their support and will often travel all over the world to follow their passion, spending any amount of money on the object of their affection. They exhibit all the same most important qualities you would want in your ideal partner. What they don’t always do however is show the same devotion to their loved one as they do to their team. It is for that reason that at this point in the football calendar, family lawyers experience a surge in enquiries from the football fan’s neglected ‘other half’, the ‘Football Widow’.


Football Widows are of no particular gender or creed, but all share one very similar characteristic, they have absolutely no desire to learn the vagaries of the offside rule. Nor do they want to fetch and carry beer and crisps, or sit and shout at the TV, waving their arms and insulting the referee. What they want is for their loved one to show them the same attention and respect as they show their footballing heroes.

A Game of Two Halves

It is often said that football is a game of two halves. As family lawyers, we know that there are always two sides to every story, but there is not always an action replay available to decide whether someone has stepped over the line. If we are not to have a bumper time during the World Cup then the football fans among you are reminded to spend time with your families aswell as watching the beautiful game.

Of course, if England don’t get through to the latter stages of the tournament, then feel free to support any other team that takes your fancy, just don’t get caught!

Transfer Options

If you do feel that you may have fallen victim to the phenomenon described above, then please don’t sit on the touchline. There is no substitute for contacting our specialist team of family lawyers for confidential and professional advice on your transfer options.


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