Paradigm Family Law are pleased to announce a new way of funding their Fixed Fees for all clients involved in financial proceedings in divorce. We have been authorised and approved to offer a funding facility endorsed by Resolution – First for Family Law.


The funding is provided by an organisation known as Iceberg, whose offices are at 16 Glasshouse Studio Fordingbridge Hampshire SP6 1QX. The funding facility they offer is described in their literature as follows:

Family Law Finance – providing access to justice

No application fees or set up costs

No security or property required

Competitive rate of interest

Simple and straightforward application process

Flexible & penalty free early repayment option

Low monthly minimum payments

Account repayable at completion of case (or 36 months if sooner)

No preset maximum spending limit

What is ICEBERG Funding?

A Client Credit account from Iceberg allows you to finance the cost of your divorce legal fees and disbursements (subject to status) for up to 36 months or until your case is completed if sooner.

Am I eligible to apply?

As with any finance arrangement it is important that you do not borrow more than you can afford to repay. Before applying you must be sure that either your divorce settlement will be sufficient to repay your Client Credit account in full at completion of your case (or after 36 months if sooner) or that you can otherwise afford to repay the account.

How do I apply?

To apply, simply ask your solicitor who will provide you with the pre-contract credit information and the credit agreement for signature. You must read the precontract credit information carefully as you will be bound by the agreement once you have signed it.

How do I pay fees using Client Credit?

As part of your agreement with us, you authorise your solicitor to collect their fees from your Client Credit account. Each time your solicitor requests a payment we will notify you of the amount. We will charge you a drawdown fee of £10 each time we pay your solicitor on your behalf.

Will I have a credit limit?

Yes, we will set an initial credit limit and subject to your circumstances we can increase this to accommodate the cost of fees and disbursements as they arise.

Is there a monthly minimum payment?

Yes, you make monthly minimum payments of 1.5% of the outstanding balance together with the drawdown fee of £10 each time fee notes are paid from your Client Credit account.

Are there penalty charges for early settlement? No, you can make early repayment in part or whole at anytime without penalty.

What are the costs?

There is no application or joining fee. We will charge interest on the outstanding balance at a rate of 1.5% per month. For example, if the outstanding balance of your account was £1,000 then the monthly interest payable would be £15.

Do I have to use Client Credit to pay all fees ?

No, you can choose which fees to charge to your Client Credit account. Do you pay commission to my solicitor? No, we do not pay commission to your solicitor. It is important to remember that your agreement for Client Credit is solely with us.

What happens if I stop instructing my solicitor? If you cease your instruction, either because you no longer wish to proceed with your divorce or you wish to change solicitor then you will be required to repay your Client Credit account in full.

Can I access my account online? Yes, you can access your statement online.

Do you require any security? No, the facility is unsecured.

Representative Credit Example
Amount of credit: £5,000 for 12 months. Interest: £900. Interest rate: 18% pa (variable) Drawdown fee: £10. Initial payment £85 then 10 monthly payments of £75 and a final payment of £5,075.Total Payable: £5,910. Representative 19.8 % AP

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At Paradigm Family Law we are always innovating. Our fixed fee approach looks at divorce and case funding in a new way. Other funding options are of course available and we do not specifically endorse or recommend any one provider. However, if you like the sound of what Iceberg has to offer, please ask us for more details. Call us on 0845 6020422 or email [email protected].