Budget 2015

We like to think that just as George Osborne delivers his first Conservative Budget for 20 years, it is worth adopting the approach and the figures provided by the Office for Budget Responsibility when making major decisions that can affect your economic prosperity.

Budget for Fixed Fees

Based in Yorkshire, Paradigm Family Law is the only family law firm in the UK offering fixed fees for financial issues on divorce or separation fixed from the outset. Like the new Inheritance Tax provisions, the costs as quoted from the outset of a case provide certainty, clarity and transparency where other methods of charging may not.


The tailored fixed fees are based on the assets in the case and are therefore progressive, to coin a phrase, like the approach taken by Paradigm Family Law in the way legal services are provided.

James and Frank have the experience and knowledge that 30 years practising family law gives them. Their clients benefit from that quality of representation and seeing their cases dealt with professionally and proficiently. There are no unknown costs or estimates, just certainty and a clear agreed fixed fee from the start.

Don’t let your legal fees for divorce be taxing. Paradigm Family Law is the only family law office that enables you to budget responsibly for your legal costs if going through a divorce or separation.

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For further details on the options available to you or if you need advice and assistance on any family dispute, please contact James or Frank by email : [email protected] or call on 0845 6020422