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Paradigm Family Law are to be the new hosts of #UKBusinessHour on twitter. From 6 August, and every first Thursday we will host the business networking hour from 8pm to 9pm on our twitter account @ParadigmFamLaw.

We are delighted to have been asked by our partners @Utopia_Creative, part of @UC_SocialMedia to curate the networking hour. They were looking for a fresh input into the discussions, and recognised Paradigm Family Law‘s social media credentials. We will be inviting all businesses to participate in topical debate and the issues most important to them and their business on a monthly basis.

As a new business ourselves, and one recently nominated for two awards at the forthcoming York Press Business Awards we are looking forward to being host to what we hope will be a lively and stimulating forum for sharing ideas and experiences among businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Two Turntables and a Microphone

On a wider note, the topic of social media is never far from the news. In our sphere of business, it is increasingly playing a part in the fabric of divorce and matrimonial dischord. The recent reports of Facebook cheating partners, the Ashley Madison hack et al are just the latest in a string of references to social media in divorce cases.

Our Managing Partner, James Thornton was predicting the very same scenarios as long ago as 2010. In an article he wrote at the time, James foretold of Facebook divorce. In an article entitled, “What’s your other half doing online?” he talked about the increasing numbers of websites such as Bebo (whatever happened to them?) MySpace and ‘recently Facebook‘ grabbing the world’s attention.

He highlighted that those sites allowed individuals to create an online persona which is often far from their real life existence. Online you can be who you want to be – single, attractive and successful in life and work. You can be economical with the truth and foster an ever expanding list of ‘friends’ who share your passions, literally.

Make Out City

James questioned whether such sites were a good thing. He was quoted at the time (December 2010) :

“The Guardian recently reported on the rising number of industrial disputes that involve the employees’ use of networking sites whilst at work. But as family lawyers we see another side to those people messing around online. Like Friends Reunited before it, the latest in social interaction websites offer an opportunity to seek out old flames. But they also offer new and potentially worrying levels of anonymous interaction never really seen before. There are married participants who are pretending to be single, or to have no children, or sometimes both, in order to attract a ‘friend’ to their home page. How long is your partner spending on the computer?

But where does it end? Are you telling the truth about yourself in your online second life, or to your other half in real life?

We are likely to see increasing numbers of people citing their partner’s online activities as grounds for divorce unless they curb their enthusiasm for alternative internet identities. If you are one of those people, beware. The consequences of your secret life could be far reaching and affect your real life”

Full Circle

It has come to pass. There have been divorces in which parties have cited Facebook as a reason for the breakdown of the marriage. Lawyers have produced surveys and statistics about it and now even the courts are in on the act. In New York, the court decided that a Petitioner could serve notice of the divorce proceedings on their spouse via Facebook.

The New Pollution

We cannot turn back time, and nor can we change what is happening to our methods of communicating. In so many ways it has given freedom to many and opened seemingly endless opportunities to keep in touch with loved ones across the globe. But, it is not something to take lightly – there are risks and everyone should be wary before posting anything online for the world to see, not least when it comes to personal details and family treasures. But at Paradigm Family Law we say embrace the brave new world, and join us in the social media revolution. Join us for #UKBusinessHour every first Thursday and find us online.

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