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Is Divorce Contagious?

It is wildly debated whether divorce is contagious. Jenna McCarty agreed and found that “when you have a close couple friend split up; it increases your chances of getting a divorce by 75 percent”.

It all goes back to the study of James Fowler of University of California, San Diego, Nicholas Christakis of Harvard University and Rose McDermott of Brown University when they began studying divorce and social contagion in 2009. According to the numbers they culled, they have determined that indeed divorce is contagious.

These researchers determined that that when close friend’s break-up, the odds of a marital split increase by 75%. They also found that people who have divorced friends in their larger social circles are 147% more likely to get a divorce than people who have friends still married. People with divorced siblings are 22% more likely to divorce. The study even revealed the contagion of divorce among co-workers could be as much as 55% in small companies.

Nine years later we still don’t now, if it is contagious or if other social factors play a greater part of the decision process or it it’s mainly the financial pressure and the work stress modern families must deal with in a digital area post Brexit. However, whatever it is, remember the three golden rules which are more important than ever:

The Prescription – 3 Treatments

1: Find an experienced Divorce Lawyer you can work with

It is important that you find the right matrimonial lawyer for your particular case. Interview your lawyer and find out if he/she has enough experience with your type of case and possible complex asset structure (trust / tax schemes / asset tracing / forum convenient arguments). Don’t settle for the first lawyer or non-matrimonial lawyer because he also represents you in your business activities. Family law is a special field and international family law has even more to consider and is even more complex and faster.

2: Do not move out of the matrimonial home and do not agree to place the house on the market immediately

Do not move out of the former matrimonial home, until you have considered all your options with your Divorce lawyer. Also don’t agree to market the former matrimonial house and move out as you might be entitled to a fair share or the whole equity of the house, after you have seen the full financial matrimonial resources.

3: Do not settle in a hurry

Do not rush into a decision because you want to stop the process and move on quickly. It is important that you only begin to think about a settlement when you have seen full financial disclosure from your spouse and have had a chance to discuss this with your matrimonial lawyer. Think about your financial future and whether you would still do the same deal in 12 months when you don’t feel the pressure anymore. Consider all your options and give yourself time to adapt to the new situation.

Trauma Room

As Richard Wagner said, divorce is one of the most financially traumatic things you can go through. Money spent on getting mad or getting even is money wasted.


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