New Year

Divorce Day

Could festive cheer bring about heartbreak in the New Year?

The first Monday after New Year is said to be ‘D-Day’ in the Family Lawyer’s calendar and January is the most popular month to start divorce proceedings in this country. We think you are likely to read a few articles and press releases in the coming days with this very theme.


However, we at Paradigm Family Law are here to debunk the myth. For it is just that, a myth. ‘D-Day’ is really no more the peak time for a divorce than any other day in the year. But, it does appear that there are other times of the year when divorce more readily springs to mind.

At Paradigm Family Law we have conducted some research into the so called ‘Divorce Day’ phenomenon. The results make for very interesting reading.


It turns out that it is not January, but in fact it is JUNE when most people are looking for advice on divorce. Based on search engine enquiries, June has the highest number of searches for ‘Divorce’ in the UK. Why not January, and why do many others seem to say it is the first month of the year when most people are looking to divorce?

In our experience, there is one explanation that is most likely to explain the statistics. Holidays. The research shows that the peak in divorce queries actually coincides with the main holiday periods in this country. Holidays are often a flashpoint and can often make or break a troubled relationship. Families spend more time together than their usual busy schedules allow. Routines are changed, and tempers can fray.

Here are the statistics for the search term ‘Divorce’ over the last 12 months. The timeline shows that in January the searches were 96 whereas in June, the figure was 100.

D Day

International D – Days

Our research went further afield too. We found that internationally, ‘D – Day’ is different from country to country. In Germany, our data shows that the peak time for ‘Divorce’ happens shortly after Valentine’s Day in mid to late February. In France it is March, and in Spain and Portugal people are searching for also divorce advice in March and again in November.

So, perhaps when you hear about ‘D-Day’ this year, think twice. The statistics show that divorce is much more likely to happen when your summer holiday is over than in the middle of winter.


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