New Year, New Beginnings: The January Divorce Myth

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, many people around the world welcome the promise of a fresh start. However, there’s a persistent myth that suggests the beginning of the year also marks a surge in divorces. Let’s take a closer look at this common belief and debunk the notion that January is a divorce hotspot.

The January Divorce Myth


Unveiling the Myth

January is often dubbed “Divorce Month” due to a widespread belief that divorce rates spike during this time. The reasoning behind this myth varies, with some attributing it to holiday stress, spending too much time with family, or a desire for a clean break in the new year. However, is there any truth to these claims?

Examining the Statistics:

Contrary to popular belief, statistical data doesn’t provide clear evidence of a significant increase in divorce filings in January. While it’s true that divorce rates fluctuate throughout the year, the idea of a January divorce peak is not supported by comprehensive research.

January divorce myth

Google trends shows that for the year to December 2023, the most popular date for those searching for ‘divorce’ was in fact the period 28 May to 3 June, 23% higher than those in the week of 1 – 7 January.

A Closer Look at Holiday Stress:

One proposed reason for the January divorce myth is the stress associated with the holiday season. The pressure to create perfect celebrations and spend extended time with family can strain relationships. However, this stress doesn’t necessarily translate into a surge of divorce filings as the new year begins.

The Reality Behind Relationship Dynamics


Reflecting on the Holiday Season:

Rather than being a catalyst for divorce, the holiday season can be an opportunity for reflection and re-evaluation of relationships. Couples may find themselves contemplating their future together, but this doesn’t automatically lead to an increase in divorces.

Understanding Legal Processes:

Divorce is a significant life decision that involves careful consideration and often, legal processes. It’s unlikely that couples decide to divorce impulsively at the start of the year without prior contemplation or preparation.

What to Expect in the New Year


Renewed Commitment:

The start of a new year often brings a sense of renewal and commitment. Couples may use this time to communicate openly, set relationship goals, and seek professional help if needed, fostering a renewed dedication to their partnership.

Seeking Support:

If couples are facing challenges in their relationship, the new year can be an opportunity to seek counselling or therapy. Professional guidance can help navigate difficulties and explore ways to strengthen the relationship.


As we step into the new year, it’s essential to debunk the January divorce myth and focus on fostering healthy relationships. While challenges may arise, the idea of a sudden surge in divorces as the calendar turns is not grounded in substantial evidence. Instead, let’s use the new year as a chance to build stronger, more resilient partnerships and embrace the opportunities for growth and connection.


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