Paradigm Family Law Shortlisted for ‘Outstanding Case of the Year’ at the 2024 Modern Law Awards

Paradigm Family Law is delighted to announce that the firm has been shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Outstanding Case of the Year’ award at the 2024 Modern Law Awards, coinciding with the 10th-anniversary year of both the awards and Paradigm Family Law’s inception.

This special milestone year adds an extra layer of significance to the nomination, highlighting Paradigm Family Law’s enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in family law practice over the past decade.

The ‘Outstanding Case of the Year’ category recognises cases that demonstrate an exceptional combination of complexity, innovative legal strategies, and outstanding outcomes. Paradigm Family Law’s nomination exemplifies the firm’s dedication to achieving exceptional results for their clients through forward-thinking legal practices.

Key criteria for the award include:

  1. High Degree of Complexity and Innovative Legal Strategies: Paradigm Family Law’s shortlisted case showcases a remarkable level of complexity, navigating intricate legal challenges with innovative and strategic legal approaches. The legal team demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to pushing the boundaries of legal practice to achieve a favourable outcome for their client.
  2. Positive Impact on Individuals, Communities, or Broader Society: The shortlisted case made ‘a profound positive impact on the lives of individuals, communities, or society at large’. Whether through the establishment of legal precedents or the resolution of a significant societal issue, Paradigm Family Law’s case stands out for its transformative effect.
  3. Remarkable Collaboration Within the Legal Team and External Experts: The successful resolution of the case was made possible through extraordinary collaboration within Paradigm Family Law’s legal team and with external industry experts. This collaborative effort not only enhanced the legal strategies employed but also had a tangible and positive impact on the overall outcome of the case.

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

Paradigm Family Law is not only honoured to be recognised among the leading law firms in this category but also takes pride in celebrating its 10th-anniversary year, a decade marked by unwavering dedication to its clients and a commitment to the highest standards in family law practice. Since its inception in 2014, Paradigm Family Law has proudly established itself as a leading boutique law firm in the field of family law, consistently delivering exceptional legal services to its clients and achieving positive outcomes on their behalf. Over the years, it has built a strong reputation for its expertise, innovation, and client-centric approach.

The Managing Partner at Paradigm Family Law, expressed the firm’s appreciation for the nomination and said, “As we celebrate our 10th anniversary alongside the 10th year of the Modern Law Awards, this nomination is a testament to our team’s dedication to innovation and excellence. We are proud of the positive impact our work has had on individuals and communities, and we look forward to continuing our commitment to excellence in family law.

The winners of the 2024 Modern Law Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony on 7 March 2024 at The Hurlingham Club, London, where Paradigm Family Law hopes to celebrate not only their achievements but also the broader contributions of the legal profession to society.


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