standard orders

President’s Guidance: Addition to Compendium of Standard Family Orders

Mr Justice Mostyn has released three new standard family orders, and an addition to an existing order, to be added with immediate effect to the Compendium of Standard Orders.

Inherent Jurisdiction in Care Proceedings

The three new orders are those proposed by Sir James Munby in his decision Re A-F (Children) (No 2) [2018] EWHC 2129 (Fam) on 26 July 2018 at [13]. They relate to those cases where the inherent jurisdiction is invoked to authorise a deprivation of liberty in respect of children who are the subject of care proceedings. They will be placed in a new Chapter 23 as follows:

Chapter 23: Child DoL Orders

  • Order 23.1     Directions on issue and allocation
  • Order 23.2     Directions on first hearing
  • Order 23.3     Order on final hearing

Financial Remedy – New Paragraph 25A – Arbitration

The addition is to the Financial Remedy Order No. 2.1 and provides for a new para 25A. This gives the suggested form of words where the parties agree that the whole case, or a specific issue within it, should be referred to arbitration.

The new orders and a revised version of Order 2.1 are contained within a zip file attached to the guidance, for which click here.


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